Slowly I Turn, Step by Step


One way to look at this growing process in the Blog-o-Sphere I’m attempting to breech, is to think of it as an exercise. The more you do, the strong your chops become.

Halloween Composite for Relic Trailers

Halloween Composite for Relic Trailers

This seems like what exercise really feels like to me. Jumping in. Doing too many reps and hurting for my effort a day later and immediately seek relief in a less demanding endeavorer.   But this time I’m really trying to “get it”.   If you’ve tried this gig too and felt overwhelmed by the gazillion features WordPress provides, you know what I mean. I has to be awesome because so many people make it work and their websites look awesome.

So why not us, right?   And if not us, at least me. Sorry my friend but I just can’t spot you any longer. I have to post. I have to get new content, I have to monetize.  So, you’re on your own. Good luck.

I had my first Shoot yesterday of an exciting new product.

I had fun and the client seems happy with the first few images I’ve edited and sent for their approval. Whatever they really like will be featured on the product’s website. And they hope to have that ready for public consumption by the end of the month when they go into production.   They have a couple of Government inspection hurdles to jump first. So we’ll keep this our little secret for now and maybe be able to divulge more once they go Public.

See?  That’s a new exercise.  It wasn’t hard. I don’t think any muscles were strained. I learned a few things I’d do differently next time. And I had fun. Enough so that I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

No, the hard part will be to refine these blogs so they look better and so all my web links combine their super powers so I get more readers.

Good thing I have a coach to tell be what needs fixing.

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