Taking a Trip Without Taking a Trip


The first inch of what’s predicted to be several inches of precipitation to drench us this week, is coming down vigorously outside my window as I try to come up with some colorful account of journeys elsewhere. Never mind that the Weather Service announced today was the darkest December Day for us in 9 years. You get my point.

It’s easy to dream of more pleasant places I could be. And I could use one as today’s story, no problem. I can pull one out of my hat and use it to be immediately transported to another time and place; complete with sunny skies and beautiful vistas and locations that beg to be photographed.

To me, those are important items that need to checked off before I plunk down the funds to buy those plane tickets. Most importantly, a destination must be able to lure me away from a small room with a window that allows me to be reminded of how wet and miserable it often can be on the other side of the glass.  Arm twisting need not be applied.


I could go out and find interesting things to shoot minutes away. But did I tell you, it’s raining? Animals are pairing up!

Sure, my cameras, Olympus OM-D E-M1 and E-M5 are “weatherized”. Meaning, if I get caught in a shower and some moisture lands on the gear it won’t be ruined. I can’t drop it in the drink off the boat or shoot for an hour in a downpour and not expect a unhappy ending. But it’s a nice added bit of protection. And they are both excellent cameras if you’re shopping for one right now.

But I still won’t take the stuff out right now because I dislike getting wet even more than the gear does.  And let’s be civilized people.  I don’t need to do it. There will be sun again (probably not for a while now) and I’ll be able to shoot stuff then. Unless I can travel to a place that already has the sunshine we lack. And that’s not happening soon for me. So I can recall glorious days from theCoral Boomerangs past or I can have creative fun working on stuff already shot.

I enjoy using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I use both apps from Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and a delightful diversion popped up on my monitor when a Facebook friend posted a pic of some vintage laminate with these retro boomerangs all over it. love it, right?

I grabbed that pic into Photoshop as a background layer. Step one.
BBR Foreground

Next, I found a shot on my friend’s page of her and her mate standing in front of an old Pickup Truck.  What a cute couple. I was beginning to get some great ideas now. and plopped this into Photoshop as the second layer. Step Two.

OK. Now the fun begins.

Step 3 I wanted to merge the couple and the truck with the boomerangs, I can do this!

Just a matter masking the second layer enough so the couple showed thru the boomerangs. Photoshop does that easily.

Finally, I took that merged pic into another application recently released by Topaz Labs, called Topaz Texture Effects. And the end result was this image.BBR Boomerangs

Cheap entertainment.

Everyone was pleased with the result.

And nobody got wet.

I may still get out and get some new material during this dreary spell. If not, I think I’ll manage.

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